About ABT

Alpha Beta Technologies, established in January 1994, is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned company (SDVO) operating out of Huntsville, Alabama.

Alpha Beta Technologies provides comprehensive electronics design, development, and manufacturing capabilities to its customers in a broad variety of technical areas, both commercial and military.

Alpha Beta Technologies was formed to provide comprehensive analysis, design, and development services for the rapid development of product concept prototypes, preproduction models, and postproduction product services. To respond to its customers' needs, Alpha Beta Technologies maintains a high degree of reinvestment in state-of-the-art tools, equipment, and training.

Alpha Beta Technologies has extensive systems analysis and engineering experience which it provides to its customers as part of the design process. Since most electronic systems today require various agency and Military Standard conformance testing, Alpha Beta Technologies has also developed significant experience in supporting various EMC/EMI and agency testing programs.

How We Do business

The ABT Philosophy consists of a set of guiding principles, beliefs, and rules for conducting business. The ABT Philosophy was established shortly after the company was founded and continues to be the foundation for our operations.

Our Philosophy

Our Rules for Conducting Business